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Brendan Archkin's Monthly Report: Prolouge

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Brendan Archkins

Monthly Report






    I have always admired the heroes of Paragon City, and Ive always wanted to join them. Well now I have. With countless years of training in my archery and technology skills I have become a hero. I use my great skill in archery to attack my foes as well as weaken them. I use many of my tech skills in this by making new upgrades to my arrows like flash or poison gas.


    Before I could work with the heroes I needed to get a Hero Registration Card. I walked in to city hall and asked for a hero card. They said that I must show them enough skill to get one by completing a test of skill and strength (as in defensive strength) It didnt go so well. I passed the archery skills test with ease, but my strength was so low I got the ever-living snot beat out of me. You would think they wouldnt make it so painful, but they did. So I didnt get the card.


    A year later I tried again, but this time I was ready for the test of strength. And what do ya know. I passed! They told me to pick an origin of Natural or Technology. I made my trick arrows so I picked tech. Now Im a Technology Defender of Paragon City.


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